ARC-ip Therapeutic Diversion

Where: Springfield Comfort Suites
121 Raydo Circle, Springfield, OH
4th floor conference room on the following dates

Session 1
Jan 28  &  Feb 4
Feb 25  &  Mar 4
Session 2
Apr 8   &  Apr 29
May 13 & May 27
Session 3
July 22 & Aug 5
Aug 26 & Sept 9
Session 4
Sept 23 & Oct 7
Oct 21  & Nov 18

Therapeutic Diversion Program Description
Driver Intervention Programs (DIPs) focus on education, screening, and prevention.  The substance abuse screening component of the DIP is structured to identify at-risk adults before their substance use progresses into more severe legal consequences.

Addiction Resource Center, INC (ARC) offers a therapeutic diversion program structured to address the needs of individuals who primarily present as low-risk for chronic substance abuse but have a high-risk trait such as a high tier BAC, marijuana use, or two driving related substance use associated offenses within six years.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will be utilized to aid in the development of coping skills to continue their lives in a positive direction without the use of alcohol or drugs. A four part workbook will be completed in conjunction with continual evaluative observations.

At the end of the course, the referring court will receive a completion report.

Cost of Services
Four group sessions lasting 2 hours
Session 1 – Self-Control
Session 2 – Self-Esteem
Session 3 – Family Ties
Session 4 – Personal Change Plan

Each group will cost $25.00 for a total of $100.00 by the end of the program.