2017 ARC DIP Schedule (Remedial is on Friday in M/ S    Remedial is on Saturday in SCS/ FB/W)
3:00-6:00PM    Check in, Entrance Interviews, Staff Introductions, Room Checks, Room Assignments
6:00-6:30PM     Rules, Client Rights, Confidentiality, Files, Movie, Order Food, Escort to Rooms
6:30-8:00PM     American Addict – (Film 90min.) Clients order food  8:00PM  Lock Down – Escort to Rooms

                    Certified Remedial Driving Course   (DO NOT ALTER)
6:45AM           Wake-up calls then 7:15AM Escort to breakfast
8:00AM           DUI Dead in 5 Seconds  & Discussion; FLI Workbooks, Pre-Appraisal, Pages 3-6, PreTrip
Safety Pgs 7-8, Critical Elements Segment pgs 9-17, Special Conditions 18-23,
Alcohol Lecture – Face the Facts/ Reaction Time (RD HO 1) (Breaks every 70-90 minutes)
12:30PM         Lunch

1:30PM           Situational Driving Pages 24-End/ Sentencing Standards (RD HO 2)

2:30PM           Break
2:45-5PM        Alcohol, Drugs and Driving (WorkBook) (Break in the middle)
5:00PM           Break
5:15:PM          Remedial Test/ Dr. Phil- How You Look Drunk/ Grade tests
6:00-6:45PM   Dinner (48 Hour clients dismissed)
6:45-7:30PM   Marijuana Nation (Film {50 minutes}and Discussion)

                                   A & D Lectures and Small Group Activities
6:45AM           Wake-up then at 7:15AM Escort to breakfast
8:00AM           MADD Part 1– Lives Affected (film-27 min.) discussion & handout – Stats
9:00AM           Break
9:15AM          Client Intro-PPP-DIP Experience/ OVI Story (AoD Work Book pgs 1-2) (1:15 ize or less)
10:15AM         Break
10:30AM         OVI Story Group Continued
11:30AM         Break
11:45AM         OVI Story Group continued and completed

12:30PM         Lunch

1:30PM           Consequences/ OVI Expenses – Adding it up/ Jury Trial (AoD Handout 3)

2:30PM           Break
2:45PM           Intervention Movie (Alyson & Gabe)
3:50PM           Break
4:00PM           Understanding Additions – Signs and Symptoms (AoD Handout 4)
5:00PM           Break
5:15:PM          Cycles & Triggers, Family Effects (AoD Handout 5)
6:00-6:45PM   Dinner
6:45-7:30PM   World’s Most Dangerous Drug: Meth


7:30                 Wake up calls
8:30-9:00AM  Room Clean out/ Brunch
9:00AM           Personal Change Plan 2-8 (1:15 Group size or less if needed)
11:00AM         AA Speaker
12:00-12:30     Break

12:30               Personal Change Plan pgs 9-end (show Tragedy and Hope (20min)

3:00PM           Surveys and Jeopardy
4:00PM           Dismissal, all car keys and medications returned.