Here are a list of frequently asked questions and answers to those questions. If you still have questions not located on this list feel free to call our office lines and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have!

What time do I arrive?
Between 3:00PM-5:30PM

What day does the program start?
All Programs Start on a Thursday, 5:30PM

Where can I pay?
We ask all clients pay by credit card or Paypal before their program date to ensure their room will be booked and their position will be reserved.

Can I use the hotel amenities?

Can my family or friends visit while at the program?
No. They may drop off items as long as they follow our allowable item guidelines.

What items are allowed?
Sealed Food and Drinks (Factory sealed, as if directly from store)
Money, Cigarettes, Clothes, Toiletries, Medication.
Anything else, please ask our staff, we can also decide on a case by case basis.

Can I see my friends/relatives when they drop off items?

Can we smoke inside of the hotel?
The only location with smoking rooms is the Wilmington Inn.
All other locations are smoke free, however we do have designated smoking areas and smoking times that are available.

Can we order food?
Yes, you may order food to the hotel, it will need to go through ARC staff before you may consume.

May I bring home cooked food?
No. Factory sealed food only.

If I leave the program is there a refund?

I have a service dog, may i bring him/her?
If  you have a service dog you may bring Him/Her. However if it proves to be a distraction, or acts in a manner not compliant to a service dog, you will be asked to leave the program with no refund.

Is there anything I should not bring?
Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, Open Food, Open Drinks.