Weekend Driver Intervention Program (DIP) Information

To schedule a weekend Driver Intervention Program text us at 937-767-0178 or 0135.
Make sure the DIP you choose includes the point reduction class (8 hour Remedial), 
you may need the 2 point credit or 12 point reinstatement.

Also, we have no rescheduling fees or hidden costs like other DIPs!

Locations (Click on location to see dates)
Dublin (Columbus) – Drury Inn Dublin 6170 Parkcenter Circle Dublin, OH 43017
Dayton – 
Drury Inn 6616 Miller Lane Dayton, OH 45414
Fairborn –
Baymont Inn 730 East Xenia Drive Fairborn, Ohio 45324
Middletown –
Drury Inn 3320 Village Drive Middletown, OH 45005
(Cincinnati) – 2265 East Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241
Springfield –
Comfort Suites 121 Raydo Circle, Springfield, OH, 45506
Wilmington – Wimington Inn 909 Fife Ave, Wilmington OH 45177

New Sites to Open:
Chillicothe January 2019 Quality Inn in Chillicothe

Length of Programs:
Residential DIP72 & 48 hour (Prices from $140 (with indigency)-$550
(The fee includes all meals, snacks, sleeping rooms, classes & screening.)
Nonresidential DIP – 13 & 30 hour (Priced from $100-$220)

8 hour Remedial Driving Courses ($25 with DIP/ $75 walk in)
Additional Services and Fees
Text or Call us at:  
937-767-0178 or  937-767-0135
Digital Fax: 937-688-1550

Completion Reports
ARC-ip is very conscientious regarding the timeliness of client completion reports; all reports are sent to the courts within 24 hours of program completion.  ARC-ip has been in business for almost 30 years and continues to strive to assist courts and clients regarding substance use associated offenses.

Mission Statement
ARC-ip is dedicated to providing 72 & 48 hour Driver Intervention Programs to clients arrested for OVI and other associated substance use associated charges.

ARC-ip also offers the certified 8 hour Adult Remedial Driving Course. This course is  for individuals who are  having problems with their license or have been court-ordered to complete a specific diversion course. The most common reason for taking this course is for a two-point credit or a 12-pt reinstatement.

Vision and Goals
ARC-ip vision it to create an atmosphere of learning. Our goals include assisting substance use associated offenders toward the understanding of their offense, evaluate their substance use as well as its influence on their offense, and help clients create a plan that will reduce their risk of recidivism.

Cultural Diversity Statement
ARC-ip is aware that cultural differences and similarities between people exist without assigning them a value – positive or negative, better or worse, right or wrong.

ARC-ip DIPs are OhioMHAS certified with almost 25 years of experience. 

Ohio Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Driver Intervention Program Certifications:
H-Sharonville Drury Inn  Location – DIP Provider 61/ Remedial 1335-2112
M-Middletown Drury Inn  Location – DIP Provider 101/ Remedial 1335-1958
FB-Fairborn Baymont Inn Location – DIP Provider 262/ Remedial 1335-2197
W-Wilmington Inn  Location – DIP Provider 10/ Remedial 1335-1956
SCS-Springfield Comfort Suites  Location – DIP Provider 36/ Remedial 1335-1954
D-Dayton Drury Inn  Location – DIP Provider 51/ Remedial 1335-2539
C-Dublin Drury Inn  Location – DIP Provider 377/ Remedial 1335-2540

Remedial Certification – Ohio Department of Public Safety G12203-1335
8 hour Adult Remedial Driving Instructors:
WL Houser-Thomas Remedial Instructor 0605-124-011 ODPS 5453
Andrea Collins, MA, Remedial Instructor RD ODPS 10097
Stash Hiner, BS, Remedial Instructor ODPS 9753

In the state of Ohio a person arrested for impaired driving can complete a Driver Intervention Program (DIP) in lieu of six months in jail based on ORC 4511.19 (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of alcohol or drugs – OVI).
The arresting court/county/jurisdiction dictates the length of program that needs to be completed if the OVI is reduced to a lesser charge.
*If your OVI is out of state please click  here Additional Services and Fees

Professional Disclosures: 
Addiction’s Resource Ctr, INC
W. Lisa Houser-Thomas PsyD, MRC, LICDC-CS (933744), ICADC (128695)
Executive Director, Services Supervisor
State of Ohio Certified Driver Intervention Programs
Substance Use Bio-Psycho-Social Screening & Assessment
Prevention; Intervention; Diversion; Education and Treatment
Administration of DIP & Remedial Regulations, Policy, Procedures, & Protocol. 
Adult Remedial Authorizing Official (G12203)
Adult Remedial Instructor (5453)

Site Directors:
Angel White BS, Exam Eligible-LCDC III Pending in Review ADC.5247023
Instructor, Counselor, Intake & Screening, Small Groups, Security
Andrea Collins, MA, Remedial Instructor RD 10097
Instructor, Intake, Security, Site Administration
Justin Konicki Assoc., CDCA II (164456)
Counselor, Instructor, Intake, Screening & Assessment, Small Groups

On Site Counselors:
W. Lisa Houser-Thomas PsyD, MRC, LICDC-CS (933744), ICADC (128695)
Exec. Director, Instructor, Clinical Supervisor, Intake, Screening & Assessment
Justin Konicki Assoc., CDCA II (164456)
Counselor, Instructor, Intake, Screening & Assessment, Small Groups 
Angel White BS, LCDC III Pending in Review (CDCA.030447-EX)
Instructor, Intake, Screening & Assessment, Small Groups
Carrie Lamont Assoc., CDCA (165793)
Counselor, Instructor, Intake, Screening & Assessment, Small Groups, Security

Night Security Staff
T. Adam Orr B.S.
Andrea Collins, MA (on call)
Office Staff:
Jesse and Taurie
Mary (Catering Orders)
AA Speakers

ARC-ip Contact Information:
Phone/ Text: 937-767-0178 or 937-767-0135
Fax: 937-688-1550
Email: arcdwi@aol.com
Snail Mail: PO Box 807, Yellow Springs, OH 45387
Business Locations (please click this link)

***We will be accepting medicaid and SSDI applications from August  2018 through March 2019 or as long as the funding assistance is active for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. 

8 hour Remedial Driving Course
The 8 hour Traffic Safety Course MUST be completed as part of the Driver Intervention Program (DIP) to meet the requirements of OAC 5122-29-12 DIP. To successfully complete traffic safety all offenders must complete the traffic safety course components, which includes written testing at the end of the day. Many ARC participants have received points on their license associated with their offense, ARC is certified to offer the 2point credit or 12 point reinstatement (Ohio Dept. of Safety’s Remedial Driving Course Chapter 4501-21 Remedial Driving Courses) with the successful completion of the DIP traffic safety curriculum. Successful completion is defined as passing the written test with a score of 75% or above. If you are caught cheating, you will be denied the point option. Also, it is completely your choice to sign up for the remedial points, if you pass the test.

ARC complies with 42CFR part 2 – Confidentiality

HIPAA Information

Reporting an incident regarding a Driver Intervention Program to OhioMHAS

Indigent Funding

Client Rights and Grievance Information